STAGED EVENT? Lupe’s Obama Inauguration Fiasco

Original TTS-Messageboard Post 1/30/13
One of the strangest stories that surfaced around Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration of 2013 was rapper Lupe Fiasco being removed from stage ‘kicked out’ for repeatedly rapping an anti-war (not pro-Obama) song. But was this a real event? Well here are some GIFs to illustrate a possibly staged event:1 First we see Lupe rapping (apparently he did the same song for approximately half an hour)





2 Next they cut the sound and dimmed the lights, but Lupe Fiasco kept rapping acapella, and appears to motion for a drink

3 Then as Lupe continues to dance as a large ‘Obama’ security official gets in his way (notice the large camera man immediately steps in)

4 The next gif represents the action moment of this scene, the large security guy and large cameraman push each other in front of Lupe, some other big guys (Lupe’s bodyguards or crew?) get in there as well






5 Then a moment later it’s all smiles on stage, the cameraman gently pats the security guard that was pushing him just a second ago

6 Lupe Fiasco exits to applause and takes a showman-style bow

7 Then the video ends with a quick hand signal that could hint at who produced this scene, if it was staged:


6° of Seperation

Lupe is friends with rapper/mogul Jay-Z

Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce are very close to President Obama

Decide for yourself, here’s a video clip from Now This News:


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