Angry Beaver Radio (January 2014)


Every Saturday 5-7 pm listen to a group of planeteers on Angry Beaver Radio broadcast live on Orion Talk  with various sustainable issues and guests in an eco-friendly CAN, Go Planet!

Angry Beaver Radio 2014

Four episodes featured Daniel of this blog (Reasoning Conspiracy) with hosts John Conner and Mike and Mark, facebook page and Youtube channel, archive info:


Saturday January 4th 2014 featuring Lawrence McCurry of Canada Awakes, Topics include Ford Nation debate, Agenda 21, SMART Meters, light bulb ban, Bank of Canada, globalism, and more…

Saturday January 11th 2014 featuring Ryan Elson of, topics included Climate Justice PM Harper stunt, controlled opposition, Eco-terrorism, ITCCS scam, Earth-First classic clip, Mint-Chip digital currency, Canada’s oil crisis, and more…

Saturday January 18th 2014 featuring Lawrence McCurry of Canada Awakes, Topics included Neil Young tar-sands scam exposed, homeless round-up?, Wal-Mart a blight on society, New World Order, and more…

Saturday January 25th 2014 featuring hour 1 Susan Posel of Occupy Corporatism & US Independent and hour 2 Ryan Brooks of The Sound of Freedom


A hard-hitting show exposing topics like World Economic Forum in Davos, Credit Card PIN-chip technology, Bitcoin laundry, and more was apparently hacked  and/or technical glitch’d…



the sound of freedom ryan brooks

BONUS excerpt from the August 24th 2013 show exposing Geoengineering and Environment Canada leaked document


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