Rob Ford and the New World Order

Rob Ford Stephen Harper Agenda-21

Since releasing a video Rob Ford on drugs… I’ve been challenged to prove the theory that Rob Ford is a prototype politician for the future of the New World Order. In doing research on a response I realized there’s so much slanted-media against Rob Ford so I tried to only look at Mayor Ford’s own official City of Toronto website press releases, speeches, statements, and proclamations, and the official Agenda 21 document from the United Nations.

Specifically at several parts of Agenda 21, notably those dealing with energy, transportation, waste, P3 public/private partnerships, poverty, and habitation, for the purpose of exposing this agenda to researchers looking into the Rob Ford + New World Order theories.


The City of Toronto is currently undergoing a massive SMART Water Meter program, contracted the Neptune Technology Group to install one in every home in the City, then apartments, condos, and commercial establishments will be next.  An upset limit of $219-million is being spent on this program that impacts everyone and every place in the City and Rob Ford curiously doesn’t seem to talk about this… Luckily that leaves open the possibility that Ford doesn’t support this agenda, although that’s unlikely as Ford is vocal about the actions of City Hall that he doesn’t like. Of course these meters are being pushed as a ‘cost savings’ to the City, just not likely on your water bill.

The sites page on Radio Frequencies from Toronto Water meters concludes: It is unlikely that RFs from the water meters pose a health hazard to those who live in the homes or neighbourhoods where they are installed.

This fits in with Agenda 21  in Chapter 4 on Changing Consumption Patterns section B 4.17 Activities it says “(a) Encouraging greater efficiency in the use of energy and resources” also

4.18. Reducing the amount of energy and materials used per unit in the production of goods and services can contribute both to the alleviation of environmental stress and to greater economic and industrial productivity and competitiveness. Governments, in cooperation with industry, should therefore intensify efforts to use energy and resources in an economically efficient and environmentally sound manner by:

  • .    Encouraging the dissemination of existing environmentally sound technologies;

  • .    Promoting research and development in environmentally sound technologies;

  • .    Assisting developing countries to use these technologies efficiently and to develop technologies suited to their particular circumstances;

  • .    Encouraging the environmentally sound use of new and renewable sources of energy;

  • .    Encouraging the environmentally sound and sustainable use of renewable natural resources.


This section is important considering many Ford Nation supporters believe that Mayor Ford stopped the New World Order transit plans for Toronto. In Agenda 21 chapter 9 section 2 Transportation 9.15, it advises Develop and promote, as appropriate, cost-effective, more efficient, less polluting and safer transport systems, particularly integrated rural and urban mass transit,” Urban mass transit? YES!



Rob Ford is not against Metrolinx, he appeared with Premier Dalton McGuinty On Thursday, March 31, 2011, to announce Transportation City a revised transit plan that has Metrolinx responsible for delivering the Eglinton Scarborough Crosstown LRT and the City of Toronto responsible for delivering Sheppard subway extensions.

At the end of Mayor Ford’s speech on the subway extension he mentions some of his reasoning “There’s a Pan-Am Games going, transportation is Number One, we must build subways. We must build subways to be a world class city.”



And Ford also admits that the cost of transit project will come over budget and that budget is projected in the billions of dollars already. Early on in Mayor Ford’s term he announced Transit City is over, that same day the Premier said he is flexible on the issue. (Dec 01, 2010Why? Because subways are more efficient and longer-term investments than light-rail transit, thus still in line with the Agenda 21 goals:

Agenda21 urban transport plan

The cost of cancelling the contracts of Transit City is estimated to have been at least $49 million in penalties to Toronto. Of course Toronto is just a central part of the Metrolinx Big Move plan to create a GTHA rapid transit corridor.


GTHA Metrolinx Big Move plan

I am not against subways or subway expansion, nor am I against bike lanes or bike paths which are also increasing around the city. In terms of bike lanes in general under the 2013-2018 Bikeway Network Projects plan the existing 563.3 km of dedicate bike travel space is to be doubled to 1132.2 km over the next few years. The current 111.6 km of bike lanes is planned to be 495 km by 2018.

Good to see one of the biggest bike path projects was announced on July 16th 2013 City Council voted 37-1 to adopt the Toronto Pan/Parapan Am Games Host City Showcase Program and Major Special Event Reserve Fund with anticipated gross expenditures of up to $20M, including $1.9 million earmarked for the PAN-AM PATH initiative to create the City’s largest connected bike lane network. Rob Ford was one of thirty-seven councilors that supported this funding.


Much of the Agenda 21 document is about the management of waste like hazardous, solid, sewage, and radioactive, with a green emphasis on minimizing waste.

4.19. At the same time, society needs to develop effective ways of dealing with the problem of disposing of mounting levels of waste products and materials. Governments, together with industry, households and the public, should make a concerted effort to reduce the generation of wastes and waste products by:

.    Encouraging recycling in industrial processes and at the consumed level;

.    Reducing wasteful packaging of products;

.    Encouraging the introduction of more environmentally sound products.

Mayor Ford has boasted of the savings he’s got from contracting out the West side of the City’s solid waste and recycling to GFL (Green for Life) Environmental Inc. that believes in The Paradigm for Sustainability


Agenda 21: 6.41. e. Solid waste:

Develop appropriate solid waste disposal technologies on the basis of health risk assessment;

Develop appropriate solid waste disposal capacities in large cities;


I am not against the Mayor’s privatized waste removal goal or having it done on the East side of Toronto. The Green For Life CEO seems to know what’s going on… but each week when I see those big green trucks roll through it’s like a visual reminder of Agenda 21.


agenda 21 encourage P3s


Throughout the document Agenda 21 there are references to encouraging partnerships among the private, public and community sectors. This ties in with the preferred social control model of the New World Order known as public-private-partnerships or P3s. Every time Mayor Ford is asked to explain how he can run the most expensive budget in Toronto’s history while cutting back revenue and building major social projects like subways, Ford will likely answer P3s.

Sustainable P3s


Agenda 21 talks about eradicating poverty, combatting poverty, alleviating poverty, anti-poverty, eliminate poverty, the subheading for Chapter 3 COMBATING POVERTY is Enabling the poor to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

Mayor Ford has said he sides with the poor people, and that he wants to get a fair shake for the residents of Toronto Community Housing. In his statement on the Federal Budget 2013 he said “There are 164,000 people living in Toronto Community Housing – that’s more than the entire population of Prince Edward Island. Our social housing is in very poor shape. Our Administration is taking the bull by the horns and acting to address –finally – the capital repair backlog. It’s not a quick process or an easy one – but we’re working through it. We asked the government to renew its commitment to affordable housing and it has done so. That’s good news for Toronto.”

Mayor Ford said “I am sad to say – the City of Toronto is a terrible landlord.  But that is changing.” Toronto Community Housing TCHC is now being lead by an American CEO Gene Jones who “has led social housing change in Indianapolis, Kansas City and Detroit

But of course like all New World Order politics it seems like the people are still losing out.

HABITATION = Human Settlement Zones

Agenda 21 is urban settlements zones stacked and packed.

In 2012 Rob Ford addressed the Economic Club of Canada saying:

“There are 189 construction cranes in the skies of Toronto. That’s more than any other city in North America.  In fact it’s more than New York and Mexico City combined. That’s an amazing “skyline of opportunity.” However, almost all of those cranes are building residential units – because people love living in our city.

I want to continue seeing cranes in our skies. But, I want more and more of those cranes to be building commercial space –because commercial space means permanent jobs for city residents.  And, it means Assessment Growth that will help us pay our bills.”

So not only can Torontonians count on a future living up in a micro-unit but they can work in a commercial one to.

Agenda 21 7.35 As a result of the density of users, urbanization, if properly managed, offers unique opportunities for the supply of sustainable environmental infrastructure through adequate pricing policies, educational programmes and equitable access mechanisms that are economically and environmentally sound.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, AGENDA 21 Compliant Zone

Now you could say it’s other people pulling Rob Ford’s strings getting him to go along with this agenda, but I don’t think so, or maybe it’s all a coincidence…


Mayor Ford as part of his official duties reads out proclamations issued by the City of Toronto,  October 1st 2012 and October 7th 2013 were proclaimed World Habitat Day first designated by the United Nations, December 10th 2012 was Human Rights Day in tribute to the United Nations declaration on human rights, May 6-to-12th 2013 was proclaimed Ethnic Media Week as part of UNESCO’s World Press Freedom day, even Mayor Ford’s official proclamation for Bob Marley Day (February 6th 2013) highlighted the Peace Medal of the Third World from the United Nations.


Mayor’s Remarks on Traffic Signal Coordination he stated that gridlock “increases fuel consumption, which makes it more expensive to own and car; and hurts the environment and increases greenhouse gas emissions.” June 12th 2013

Mayor Ford celebrated an increase of $22 million in Arts spending and introduced Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads sculpture Series Unveiling and revealed that his zodiac sign is the Rooster

Mayor ford zodiac rooster ai weiwei



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