Watson Elementary: Computers Play You…

Watson Elementary crime will pay

IBM is a multi-billion dollar company The International Business Machines Corporation, founded to help money men calculate schemes. They worked for the US government and the Third Reich and they’re involved with the World Bank, NSA, NASA, their computer products are used everywhere and they’re one of the biggest employers in the World, on the cutting edge of technological innovation presentations to the masses. And yesterday they released a series of videos about their key New World Order project Watson: The Future of Cognitive Computing:

Humans and computers to be connected in a collective? No Limits? Efficiency? (note the Synapse Array at 1:25 in the video below appears as a Borg ship) Machines and humans working together?

They’re playing us like a violin.

Coincidentally Watson of IBM was made famous for playing and winning on Jeopardy. Now doctors are training Watson to run your healthcare medical experience:

What Will You Do With Watson? This is technology that thinks and interacts with people. In this video it’s even claimed that “In a way, Watson is reasoning” (0:48) 

You’ll see the in the above video that Watson is also set to become a Teacher, Retirement Planner, Phone Operator, Data miner, and when asked what will you do with watson? I’m sure it’ll be used as a detective.

Coincidentally, the famous detective of literary fame, Sherlock Holmes is remember for the line “Elementary my dear Watson.” when solving crimes.


The current Hollywood series of Sherlock Holmes movies co-star Jude Law as the partner of Sherlock, Mr. Watson:


Coincidentally Jude Law is also recognized for his role as a realistic cognitive robot in the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence as ‘Gigolo Joe’ as legend would have it a much more hardcore role as a male-prostitute Mecha droid or pleasure-bot in the original visioning. According to Wikipedia, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had hired author Ian Watson to do the screen story for A.I., and the character Gigolo Joe was originally conceived as a GI Mecha, but Watson suggested changing him to a male prostitute. Kubrick joked, “I guess we lost the kiddie market.”[4] Just a coincidence?

Gigolo Joe and Gigolo Jane in A.I.

Gigolo Jane and Gigolo Joe in A.I.

Is this what the future holds for Watson?

This is a new era of BIG DATA:

Watson is being used by devs making apps, the students of today are working towards careers in cognitive computing, Healthcare leads are saying that WATSON can learn more about you then any doctor ever could, it can learn about you every time you interact with it via cognitive understanding, and it’s Shaping the Future of Banking:

DBS Bank in Asia uses Watson to target private clients for wealth management schemes. Bringing us back from Watson to the origins of IBM, international business machines.

NEWSFLASH: IBM has annouced a $1,000,000,000 ONE-BILLION DOLLAR investment into the WATSON Group

Just in case you don’t believe that IBM worked for the Third Reich and as an integral part of the Forth, check out:



black_IBM Blitzkriegibm_hitler_and_the_ibm_c

ibm-the-holocaust edwinblack_q1-IBM Alliance


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