2013 Personal Year in Review

DL world congress man

Daniel R. Libby‘s Year 2013 was definitely a memorable one, here are some highs and lows of the year presented in random order and lists for review:


Online blogging – managing and contributing to various online initiatives including:

Reasoning Conspiracy the show got off the ground with 3 test pre-pilot episodes featuring thahoketoteh of Mohawk Nation News and this blog started around mid-way of 2013, although it’s been years in the making look out for ReCon live show to takeoff in 2014.


TdotHipHop.com posting regularly some of the best music videos in Toronto Hip Hop has helped to keep up with the ever-expanding Tdot Hip Hop scene. Although the site was down a few times this year it’s been online for the majority. Shout out to Wallholder. Here I’ll also mention by nominee for Hip Hop Mixtape of the Year to Legends League presents Naturally Born Strangers (check it out)


TorontoTruthSeekers.com Many changes this year at TTS including a new organizer and a more biblical slant, fitting as conspiracy research delves into crime and the Bible is the foundation of Canadian law. The website is still going, check the News Feed for headlines, and the meet-up.com site is still online. The TTS videos are still being uploaded including interviews with acclaimed truth speakers like Nick Begich, Jeffrey Smith, and Dr. Shiv Chopra, plus event coverage, see below for a list of 2013 activism events of the year and note regarding street actions.


Dopechef.com 2013 marked the relaunch of Dopechef dedicated to the cannabis community and cultural events, the site features a video friendly format and look out for more new material in 2014. The re-launch was spurred on by a now infamous Dopechef original ‘Marc Emery smoked pot with Justin Trudeau’ recorded at Vapor Central and uploaded in 2010. This clip was featured and/or linked to in reports by Huffington Post, Canada.com, Toronto Sun, Cannabis Culture, Vancouver Observer, the Albatross, The Province, Canoe.ca, Montreal Gazette, Barrie Examiner, Digital Journal, BC Blue, and more, raising the public profile of the FREE MARC EMERY campaign. Although controversial because Marc Emery speaks critical of Justin Trudeau back then, Emery had endorsed Trudeau for Canadian Prime Minister as he’s now campaigning on legalization of marihuana. Here’s a compilation of the video with Sun News Network clips:

Friducation.com although watching Star Trek at PD with a few Rolling Rocks and some games of Keep-Ups was a great past-time of the year, many other highlights include setting up at Comicon 2013 and interacting with the legendary man that played Data, other away missions included Ontario Science Centre for Game On 2.0 and we even made a What is Keep-Up? video. But the Friducation video of the year could be the music video ‘Steven Seagal’ by Uzimon, featured on the front-page of Funny or Die with 10,000 views and a combined 18,000 views on youtube for 28,000 online total, FIYA:

SiLSa! Support in Local Scene action made great strides in knowledge of the documentary industry. I was accepted into the Doc Accelerator program for emerging filmmakers attending the 2013 Hot Docs Fest. with a conference pass meeting some of the great documentarians of the future and I was part of a winning team of the program’s video contest earning a trip to the WCSFP in Montreal. Also the youtube.com/SupportLocalScene channel hit 3000 subscribers on the last week of December 2013!

EVENT OF THE YEAR: Uzi vs. Ford a Friducation event the epic backle was actually an extended concert with Uzimon performing an energetic set and comedic roasting of Toronto’s highest official, including comparing him to Washington’s Marion Berry just weeks before the Rob Ford’s crack scandal broke.

Honorable mention: MK-Ultra and Project Monarch event featuring Roseanne Barr, Mark Phillips, and Cathy O’Brien was also the seven-year anniversary party of Toronto’s great retail store Conspiracy Culture

RADIO/LIVESTREAM: I appeared on more shows this year as a guest and call-in correspondence on Canada Live, Angry Beaver Radio, Pay Day (including Bob-Fest marathon), and the Mernahuana Zone (MM’s birthday edition)

ACTIVISM OF THE YEAR: Surprised to see the size of the Toronto Hash Mob 420 at Yonge and Dundas plus 2 marijuana marches through downtown, and organized rallys/marches for major topics like Chemtrails, Fluoride, and GMOs/Monsanto, so it seems things are getting bigger and more mainstream for activism in the wake of the Occupy setback. Also I did more work with Press for Truth TV including event coverage, interview recording, and editing.

CONVENTIONS/EXHIBITIONS/FESTIVALS: This year I had the opportunity to attend many events that were enjoyable and informative including Total Health Expo, Toronto ComiCON, Hot Docs Conference and Industry Centre, Pro Fusion, Treating Yourself Expo, Liberty Now, and World Congress of Science and Factual Producers

MOVIES OF THE YEAR: While attending Hot Docs Documentary Festival 2013 with an all-access pass for movies, I watched the most movies I’d ever seen in a ten day period. But only 5 movies did I give a full 5/5 score on for the audience award. Those five were: Muscle Shoals (which won the Audience Award), Narco Cultura, Our Nixon, Downloaded, and Alias. At the Hot Docs Bloor Cinema I’ll also mention 2 powerful feature documentaries that I saw Which Way to the Frontline From Here? and A People Uncounted, and the free Doc Now festival of short films by Ryerson Masters of Documentary grads was great.

I also regularly attend the Humber Cinema’s Tuesday special days, although they mostly only play new blockbuster type movies some of the one’s that were memorable were: Man of Steele, Iron Man 3, Prisoners, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Thor: The Dark World, Elysium, Gravity, 2Guns, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Oblivion, Gangster Squad, and The Wolverine

Health Highlight: ReNew Works a relax and allow formula that disappeared a persistent dot

Personal Highlight: 30th Birthday Party Prepare to be Liberated

30th Birthday of the Liberator


– Rob Ford the Mayor of Toronto became the highest politician in the World after mainstream media and late night comedians propelled his story to the forefront. Not only is Toronto now considered a drug capital on par with downtown Detroit and west Baltimore in The Wire, but The Mayor also admitted to smoking crack after months of denials. He has now pledged to win the 2014 election for Ford More Years with a possible tough on crime New World Order mandatory drug testing future for Toronto. I used to listen to The City the Ford brothers radio show every week but also disappointingly the station cancelled the show in wake of Rob’s narcotics revelations. This was the last video upload I did of 2013, Rob Ford on drugs:

– Howard Stern TV the end of an era as a great channel goes under, although I never subscribed to Sirius Satellite for the Howard Stern radio show I regularly tuned-in to the great Howard TV on demand for some of the most in-depth celebrity interviews ever. Many hosts these days have been inspired by Howard Stern but none are as good as the man himself at getting the Hollywood elite to speak their minds and admit their truths. The savings of $17 a month is a bittersweet bonus when it comes to the loss of Howard TV, I wish all the staff best of luck in the future.

howard tv

– TTS Meet-ups when the first TTS meet-up of 2013 was held on May 11th 2013 it was like old times again, but it was actually also the last street action of the year. Although the ServantHOODS street preachers are now offering many truth flyers and DVDs about the New World Order agenda, so as things change there’s still a silver lining. These videos are great memories:

– Broken Ankle this year marked my first trip to the hospital as a patient and the first injury i’ve had, as I write this I am still in recovery/rehabilitation mode and sporting an Aircast. The experience has lead to the most drugs I’ve ever consumed or been injected with (see list on image below)


– Case dismissed, thahoketoteh v. Her Majesty after a Federal Court appearance in 2012, the trial moved into a rare trial-by-teleconference litigation in the Spring of 2013 and resulted in the claim being thrown out and the judge citing it as ‘fatally flawed’. Although this wasn’t totally unexpected considering the history of the Corporation of CANADA, it was still a disappointment as I was hoping that maybe this time justice could rule in Kanekota. Look out for a documentary project in the future…




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