the Khufu Cartouche scandal


A controversy has been brewing at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, involving accusations of an international heist. Now the accused researcher Robert Bauval has described his own version of the incident on Red Ice Creations, hinting at a greater conspiracy involving the Rupert Murdoch News Corp. Fox empire and National Geographic as well as a multi-decade ‘reign of terror’ by Zahi Hawass against egyptologists hoping to study the hidden passages below the pyramids, and overall corruption:


Robert Bauval – Zahi Hawass’ Khufu Cartouche Heist Claims Against Robert Bauval

The famous former-Minister of State for Antiquities in Egypt, Zahi Hawass has accused the controversial Robert Bauval of being a Belgian-Jew who orchestrated a team of German students to steal samples of the Khufu Cartouche, hinting at a Zionist-Nazi plot.

Dr. Zahi Hawass is famous in the West for hosting some TV specials investigating the mysteries of the pyramids on Fox TV, and infamous in Egypt for being a close government ally of the corrupt ousted-President billionaire Mubarak.

Bauval has also appeared on the James Swagger Radio Capricorn show talking about this scandal:

Robert Bauval Special Bulletin ‘Zahi Hawass Breaking News’ Dec. 11th 2013

Robert Bauval ‘Exposing the Hawass Scandal’ December 17th 2013

Robert Bauval ‘Pyramid Scandal Truth Unveiled/German Testimony’ Dec 18th 2013

Robert Bauval ‘Cartouche Affair/ Hawass Embarasses Egypt’ Dec 23rd 2013

Recommended research and reading:

stargate conspiracy

The Stargate Conspiracy (book cover) by Picknett and Prince

subterranian passages on sphinx

Rough diagram of unexplored doorways and passages under the Sphinx and Pyramids


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