Beyoncé is doing $50 fifty-dollar-holla’s


Best-selling pop-star Beyonce, also known as Queen Bey or Sasha Fierce, surprised holiday shoppers with an appearance at Wal-Mart where she purchased her own Album Beyoncé and some other gifts. While she was at the check-out register she made a special feel-good surprise announcement, announcing she would pay $50 towards the purchase of every customer in the store.

So although it was not a ‘cash’ holler this $50 dollar-gift card holler was close to the equivalent as Wal-Mart superstore’s contain at least one kind of almost any product that can be bought. But when you look deeper this appearance was part of a marketing scheme, as a pay-back for another retailer  Target recently announcing they’re not going to carry Bey’s new album because she pulled an iTunes exclusive release on December 13th 2013.

So a few Wal-Mart shoppers were at the right place at the right time for a fifty dollar holla’ that reportedly cost her a estimated $37,500 combined total according to Bloomberg News.

beyonce wal mart 37500 dollar holler

And she can afford it, as she was named along with her husband Shawn ‘Jay-z’ Carter by Forbes as the wealthiest earning celebrity couple of 2012-13 with an estimated $95 million in earnings.


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