While trying to do some research on the re-emergence of the BUBONIC PLAGUE you won’t find many more details than 32 deaths this year and 84 suspected cases plus mention of 60 deaths last year in Madagascar (AP). Until I stumbled upon a post on KnowYourMeme called SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING that is a catchphrase line from a game called Pandemic II produced by Dark Realm Studios and hosted by Crazy Monkey Games and released on July 14th, 2008, featuring a President Madagascar character yelling ‘Shut Down Everything’ according to the article “In the game, Madagascar’s shipyards are often shut down before the diseases can infiltrate through the island, causing much frustration for players trying to beat the game.”

The island quarantine scenario is engaging. For anyone that studies the pestilence conspiracy scenarios, a secluded test run like on an island or remote community where the news can be controlled is used for a launch before the evil releases the bug for a wider pandemic, i.e. global.

Who made this game in 2008? Dark Realm Studios is a Vancouver based video game production house whose other titles include Super Moon and Scapefall. According to a journal posting on 2009-08-10 the enhanced Pandemic 2.5 game was released to tremendous success, with 100,000 plays within the first 24 hours of release and on the retail market the app has sold “well more than 300,000 copies which translates to more than a 4200% return on the development budget.” (Pandemic 2.5 Post Mortem)



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