SMART Water Meter scam (Toronto, Ontario)

SMART Water Meter nWo scam

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as part of outstanding Agenda 21 New World Order compliance the City of Toronto is undertaking a major ‘modernization’ of the water program having everyone’s old water meter removed and a new WiFi SMART meter installed by a company called Neptune.

On December 17th 2013 one City Councillor Pasternak (Ward 10 York Centre) put his neck on the line for a few citizens resisting the radioactive device by putting forward a ‘soft-landing’ motion of a one-time-of-forgiveness visit before seniors begin racking up $80 fines. In an effort to make it harder to keep the old water meter the City Council has apparently been adding fines and eliminating phone-in reading options. Councillor Pasternak explains three reasons that people would refuse a Smart Water Meter, including:

Accuracy in the WiFi remote readings, this first example might also refer to the implications that the constant stats of your hydro intake is part of a massive spy scheme that is about data mining and selling residents data. (See: A 91-year-old World War II veteran says he wants Hydro One to return his analog hydro meter after information gathering smart meter was installed without his consent CITY TV Oakville, Ontario)

Health implications from WiFi this is a major consideration as we are increasingly experimented on as the first generation with this extent of ‘electro-smog’ (See: Electro-smog Prevention, and Stop Smart Meters BC health page

– Threatened by heavy-handed installers. The current City of Toronto exclusive installation contract is with Neptune who were exposed on youtube in February 2012 with a residents flooded backyard in Richmond, British Columbia in Neptune Technology Group FAIL

Other city councillors including Perks, Ainslie, Del Grange, Perruzza, and Shiner appear very curious why anyone would refuse a wireless Smart Meter.

Toronto SMART meter data collection

New World Order spy grid compliant device

And Councillor De Baeremaeker explains reasons the price of a glass water must go up from seven-one-hundreths of a cent into the future…. Full council session on RogersTV

City of Toronto residents refusing SMART Water Meters reasons include – Accuracy in the WiFi remote readings – Health implications from WiFi – threatened by heavy-handed installers (Neptune)

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