In memory of Peter O’toole


It’s a trifle… a trifle which they take from a great box they have…

FREEMASONIC RESEARCH: T.E. Lawrence, Peter O’Toole, and Her Majesty  

Rest in Peace: PETER O’TOOLE (1932-2013) a legendary british actor best known for his  debut film role in 1962 has the iconic Lawrence of Arabia departed last week. Some of the favourite parts from the epic film and movie script follow, one involves Lawrence explaining how he’s from a fat country with fat people, but he’s different:


Also this classic negotiation scene, Lawrence refers to a box of golden guineas that the English hold in Aqaba. (See ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Box Office gross on poster above):

Why should they wish to? Now! I will tell
you what they pay me, and you will tell
me if this is a servant’s wages. They pay
me, month by month, one hundred golden

One hundred and fifty, Auda.

Who told you that?

I have long ears.

And a long tongue between them.

A hundred; a hundred and fifty; what
matters? It’s a trifle…a trifle which
they take from a great box they have…

In Aqaba.

In Aqaba!

Where else?

You trouble me like women.

You’ll see freemasons themselves list T.E. Lawrence as among the historic Famous Freemasons list, there are numerous plaques and memorial markers for Lawrence throughout the World including at Oxford school, his house, his estate land, and the lodge where he wrote his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Also like masonry he is historically associated with the compass:


Was Peter O’Toole a freemason? Research suggests he was offered a knighthood in 1987, but turned it down for what he said were personal and political reasons. Also that he was an anti-War activist protesting the Korean War and Vietnam War. This means something considering Her Majesty is considered the head of Freemasonry, and all Blue Lodge secret meetings are held under a picture of the Queen in Canada. Of course you can’t rule out this being part of a greater deception, so keep researching…

Lawrence of Arabia – Research: Freemason conspiracy


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