Prime Minister of Canada endorses anarchy

Peaceful protest turns to anarchy as protester decapitate historic statue of Valdimir Lenin

“peaceful protest” turns destructive as protesters decapitate historic statue of Valdimir Lenin

In a shocking statement released earlier today the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper expressed his concern with the police crackdown of pro-EU protesters in Ukraine. He says “The decision by Ukrainian authorities to use riot police against peaceful protests in Kyiv’s Maidan Square is undemocratic and excessive” And of course any time riot police attack peaceful protesters it’s very disturbing, however anyone that’s seen the demolition and decapitation of a historic monument of Lenin would be able to realize that there is black bloc tactics at play. The Prime Minister of Canada appears to be siding with the ‘smash the state’ crowd, who have threatened “Yanukovich, you are next!” referring to decapitating the current President of Ukraine. All because President Viktor Yanukovich won’t surrender national sovereignty to the corrupt austerity-pushing European Union and plans to strengthen ties with Russia. 

How would Stephen Harper want police to respond if Canadian protesters started destroying monuments and statues dedicated to the freemasons that founded the corporation of CANADA?

Well PM Harper is understandably upset that Ukraine is holding out from joining the E.U. after all Harper just recently enlightened Canadian sovereignty to the E.U. in a trade deal. But what’s most surprising is Harper’s short-term memory loss, as the G20 protests occurred just 3 years ago in Toronto. Where was Harper’s statement when over one-thousand protesters, mostly students, were illegally arrested and some seriously assaulted by a riot police force headed by Bill Blair and Julian Fantino? I invite the Prime Minister to watch the Canadian documentary INTO THE FIRE and then consider your statement about the Ukraine.


The last line in Prime Minister Harper’s statement also reads like a veiled threat, much like the protesters that hint at wanting to decapitate the President of the Ukraine, when Harper says “We and like minded allies will be monitoring developments closely and considering all options at out disposal” What is the number one option that Harper is probably considering? Sending in Her Majesty’s armed forces of Canada and allies:


Harper soldiers line



GOOD LUCK TO THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE, Please stay peaceful and look out for a radical Canadian political leader with memory loss, if you see him be very afraid.



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