TORONTO PEDOPHILE: Rob Ford or Daniel Dale? (hopefully neither)


After a hard-hitting interview on The Zoomer with Conrad Black, the Mayor and CEO of Toronto Rob Ford is back in the news, this time facing a potential lawsuit from a Toronto Star reporter that Ford suggested was a taking pictures of his children and insinuates he’s a pedophile:

Of course if Ford is telling the truth then Daniel Dale should’ve been in big trouble when this happened in the spring of 2012. Unfortunately I can’t trust Ford’s word on these types of incidents. For instance Ford claimed to have been viciously assaulted at the College street Little Italy festival by a girl throwing a drink at him, it turned out he was never hit with a drink that landed far away. Or just a few weeks ago when he explained why he was running around the council chamber and knocking over a senior councillor because his brother was being assaulted by members of the public, however multiple angles of video footage clearly show that his brother Doug Ford wasn’t being beaten up and was actually taunting members of the public from the council chamber floor. This is the trouble with lies, once they start they don’t stop, they just get bigger and bigger. With the Mayor of Toronto now like the boy-who-cried-wolf.

But just who is the wolf in this situation? Anyone that preys on vulnerable youth should be scrutinized, and after hearing Mayor Rob Ford repeatedly tell the same story about how he likes to invite youth, age 14-15 years old, to sleep on his couch for the night it seems that Rob Ford needs to be questioned. In this clip you’ll see 3 recent incidences where he tells the same sort-of story:

The people of Toronto must ask is it right for a middle aged man to be finding youth in vulnerable positions and taking them to his home to spend the night? He clearly says he doesn’t take them to a shelter or alert any children services, instead he brings them to his house and tells them to sleep on the couch and he’ll deal with it in the morning. Is this normal behaviour? Toronto Mayor Ford suggests that for him it’s routine, he’s done it numerous times with hundreds of youth.

Recommended Bible Verse: MATTHEW 18:6

Anyone that remembers the controversies with Michael Jackson inviting youth to sleep-over at the Neverland Ranch should understand the optics of why Mayor Ford’s statements are troubling.

But this whole controversy is another Ford creation, as Daniel Dale explained his side of the story in an article TorStar May 3rd 2012, he said “I never touched or leaned over the fence or made an attempt to look at his house. I filmed no videos and snapped three or fewer photos — from a significant distance away from the fence. I had no interest in photographing Ford’s family.”

daniel_dale-police HQ

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale addresses reporters outside 22 Division in Etobicoke after being interviewed by police about his encounter the night before with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The real reason he was there is because the Mayor had made a move to acquire some public land so he could turn his bungalow into a mansion. The reporters were covering this story because a public official getting public land could be a controversy if he’s using back-room deals and influence over Toronto land officials. Of course there’s nothing unusual about people in powerful positions using their place to get what they want, it’s the very basis of what political corruption is. (See: DECO Labels road work controversy)

Mayor Ford wants Public Land map


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