Toronto G20 Exposed

g20 exposed DVD coverWith reports surfacing about the extent to which Canadian authorities allowed international spying on the local people of Toronto around the June 2010 summit, based on NSA/Snowden leaks, it’s only appropriate to do a flashback to the pivotal motion picture TORONTO G20 EXPOSED. The movie is a compilation of other online videos, news reports, and documentaries, cut together to give a large over-view of the entire staged event and psychological operation of the New World Order.

This is the latest updated version, released in October 2012:

+ some posters for promotional purposes:

g20 exposed promoPOSTER

g20 exposed POSTEROf course the early versions of the movie were released right after the downtown riot event, so you could check an earlier version uploaded in December 2010:

and here’s the classic DVD cover design for Toronto G20 Exposed

g20 exposed dotca

Following the release of Toronto G20 Exposed there was a sort-of follow-up movie named ‘G20 Re-Exposed that is also viewable on Youtube:

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