JFK, Alex Jones, and Richard Linklater… coincidence?


Today, November 22nd 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the day that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. So what better post for the occasion then a discussion of what this event resulted in, an entire genre/movement/niche/market known as the ‘conspiracy theory’ genre or ‘truth movement’ and over the last 50 years the quest to understand what happened to JFK.

In the truth movement one man stands out as a well-known figure head, that’s Texas-based syndicated radio host Alex Jones of Infowars.com. Alex Jones might be best known for 9/11 truth or the Obama deception, but he’s always been talking about JFK conspiracies since he started in radio. Of course Jones is in Dallas today broadcasting live in what appears to be a major battle between protesters (JFK Truthers) and local police in riot gear. If you check out the infowars coverage I think you’ll see it resembles the evictions of the occupy movement, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero, or any G20 protest. A sad sight considering the legend of JFK being built-up as the people’s President.

This is a time to reflect on all the many theories about this 1963 incident, the grassy knoll, triangulation of the shooters, the Warren commission, the magic bullet theory, the lone assassin theory, and ask yourself why ‘they’ (as in the conspirators) wanted JFK out of the way. There’s his famous secret society speech thought to be about the cold war, his memo’s requesting all UFO disclosure, rumoured looking into the Federal Reserve or resistance to the Vietnam War, or even the gangster theories and an affair with Marilyn Monroe (who died the year earlier in questionable circumstance). There are so many opinions about the JFK conspiracy that one wonders if anyone has the whole truth. What we do have are radiomen and truth celebrities to connect the dots, or get you more confused.

With so many shady cover-ups the deception makes one doubt who’s dispersing the information. What if Alex Jones is part of a major cover-up?

The internet is filled with theories about Alex Jones being a zionist agent or jesuit agent, but what if Jones is actually a Hollywood agent?

Well this might not but too far fetched, considering Jones is friends with celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura, Dave Mustaine, Mike Judge, to name a few. Jones has also appeared all over mainstream media like The View, Piers Morgan Live, Howard Stern Show. He also frequently discusses the latest blockbuster movies like Machete, Elysium, Dark Knight Rises, etc., indirectly giving them promotion. But when did this start?

Well let’s just say for the sake of it, that he’s been acting from the start which was sometime in the 1990s for Alex Jones in Austin, TX, which coincidentally was being put on the indie-movie map with Slacker (1991) a film directed by Richard Linklater about misfits living in Austin Texas. So I got to thinking, what if Jones is a carefully crafted actor doing a character that is composited from characters in Slacker?

The first example is a character talking about JFK conspiracy theories in a bookstore. He not only looks like a young Alex Jones he also presents conspiracy points in list form like Jones does on the radio.

However, you’ll notice this character seems a bit too timid to be Alex Jones of Infowars, so let’s combine two more. There’s a scene with a guy wearing a Batman shirt walking down the street talking to a guy about multiple conspiracy and interconnecting them.


The guy’s got the persistence and range of topics, but the most important could be a guy at the end driving around town yelling into a megaphone he’s got attached to the car.

He’s ranting a bit like Jones rants on gun issues and coincidentally Alex Jones appeared in Linklater’s 2001 movie Waking Life in a cameo role playing a guy driving around ranting in a megaphone like the one in Slacker.

Linklater also had Jones appear in his 2006 movie A Scanner Darkly ranting outdoors near a gas station.

The movie Slacker is known for propelling the career of filmmaker Richard Linklater, but it also might’ve laid a foundation for Alex Jones’ career. Jones and Linklater both live in Austin and they know each other. In an interview on HuffPost Live, Richard Linklater referred to Alex Jones’ as a friend.

“He’s just a friend, you know Austin’s a small community and I watched his show on TV… I like the way he thinks… I like his energy, his passion… I don’t think 9/11 was an inside job, but that’s just me.”  Richard Linklater


So believe what you will and disregard the rest but please remain skeptical of all of this. 50 years ago a President was killed and today people are still asking questions, so let’s ask questions of those asking the questions.

(Note: this article is an example of ‘coincidence theory’ and any implications real or imaginary are strictly coincidental and meant for research purposes for truth seekers)

One thought on “JFK, Alex Jones, and Richard Linklater… coincidence?

  1. I think Alex Jones would be more credible if he checked his facts more often. John F. Kennedy’s assassination and associated conspiracy theories relevant to the situation are also fascinating.

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