Premier of Ontario $20 dolla’ holla’


Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne’s latest initiative is characterized as a Twenty-Dollar-Holler’

Now for the 2nd time I’ve received the same e-mail from the Office of the Premier of Ontario. On the surface the note appears to be well intentioned, a campaign to thwart the Conservatives real plan to bankrupt the Canada Pension Plan.

20 dolla holla Premier Wynn

However when you look closer at the note you’ll notice there are no links to more info and no indication of a specific plan or policy to stop the Conservatives. Actually the whole purpose of this e-mail is summed up by the middle bar, a twenty-dolla-holla:

20 dolla holla ONE LINE

The unfortunate thing about this that the theft of pension plans and social programs is a real part of the New World Order agenda. No amount of $20-dollar-hollars is going to change that.

Where’s the money going? This seems to be a last ditch effort by the leader of a scandal plagued party and Premier of one of the most indebted jurisdictions in North America. The conspiracy about this pension hijack involves it being used to pay back the debts owed to foriegn banking cartels (allegedly). Just take a look the ever-increasing Ontario Debt Clock currently counted at over $259-Billion at time of posting and remember that when considering how a $20 donation could save Canadian pensions… holla?


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