Tom Clancy and the 9/11 conspiracy

Why is Tom Clancy considered a prophet of 9/11? One of his novels Debt of Honour (1994) revolves around a plot of Japanese terrorists crashing a jetliner into the US Capitol building in Washington DC. Was it premonition of the real-life events to come seven years later in 2001?


Tom Clancy passed away on October 1st 2013, coincidently three days after an event called ‘9/11 and the Fictions of the National Security State’ occurred at University of Toronto. At the event Professor Michael Keefer discussed the influence of the works of Tom Clancy in regards to the events 9/11, you’ll see his speech start at about 37:00 mins into this video:

But this was by far the first time Tom Clancy has been discussed in relation to 9/11, in fact on the day of Sept. 11th 2001 Clancy was making the media rounds as an expert talking head. Here is a collection of clips featuring Tom Clancy on various news shows discussing the attacks on the day of:

You’ll notice that Tom Clancy says he wouldn’t consider the attacks of 9/11 as a ‘credible threat’ and understand this is coming from an author of fictional works.

Infowars host Alex Jones suggested several times that he’s working on getting an interview with Tom Clancy. A few of these times were compiled into a clip also featuring interviews with Dr. Steve Piezenik who’s a former intelligence agent and co-author of books with Clancy:

However the interview was never realized. After Tom Clancy’s untimely death Jones had Dr. Piezenik on to remember the man:

Another connection is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six stories of an elite US fighting force in comparison with the Navy Seals SEAL TEAM 6 that has been credited by the mainstream media with the capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden, the very man that was credited with the attacks of 9/11 on the day of. If you’re not farmiliar with SEAL Team 6 you’ll see them on a screen near you soon enough as Disney Enterprises has trademarked the name for future exploitation…


3 thoughts on “Tom Clancy and the 9/11 conspiracy

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  2. Clancy was murdered by the government. No autopsy for 5 days? No pre-existing medical conditions. The man was working on a book that would’ve shed light into places we are not supposed to see.

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