Occupy What College

On the second anniversary of the Occupy movement’s global launch day ‘October 15’ it’s only fitting to do a post on the occupation in present day. Many occupiers are still out trying to resurrect the spirit of autumn 2011 without much luck. And luckily enough the video evidence has been saved for the sake of memories and as a warning for future protest movements. This is a full playlist on youtube.com/SupportLocalScene with many hits from the Occupy What? meme

Last year, on the first anniversary of the Occupy Toronto, I was interviewed by Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun. I happened upon the interview at King & Bay because I was looking for a re-occupation march that wasn’t there (I’m still not sure if this was some kind of Occupy media decoy or if nobody showed up.) Anyways the die-hard occupiers were still at St. James Park as you can see  in the video: Occupy a failed movement?

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Blue Skies Truth Radio and I stumbled a bit on the question of naming some videos I’d recommend from my youtube channel, one of the names I came up with was the original ‘Occupy What?’ segment, that answers the question with ‘Sinister Sites Worldwide’

Also important to remember is the groundbreaking work of Citizens United Productions and Andrew Breitbart for their work on ‘Occupy Unmasked’ which was released after Breitbart passed away in 2012. This is a feature documentary 1 hour 15 minutes, a low quality version is viewable on youtube:

Of course there’s much more to discuss on this subject, you’re welcome to check out the collection of posts from 2011 on the TTS forum entitled ‘Conspiracy Research: the Occupy Movement Exposed Deception Revealed‘ compiled on this blog (WARNING SLOW LOADING TIME Due to overwhelming evidence and lots of images, videos, links, etc.)



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