Katy Perry and the Truth Movement

Katy Perry topless sexy devilish

“They said I made this statement that I called my daughter a devil child, which is not true.”
Keith Hudson on Infowars (9-13-13)

Recently Keith Hudson appeared on the Alex Jones show they discussed a book he wrote and Jones lists Hudson’s daughter Katy Perry as a ‘pretty tame’ celebrity that’s on trajectory to become a voice for liberty.

Jones praises Keith Hudson for being a christian pastor who he says is not from the ‘fake plastic Church’ and thanks him for his prayers. Although Alex Jones did admit to doing an infowars report on Katy Perry’s video ‘Part of Me’ of war propaganda that promoted female soldiers. Both Jones and Hudson also promoted Katy Perry’s ex-husband Russell Brand who recently made big headlines for joking about Hugo Boss’ origins designing uniforms for the Nazi Third Reich (video) while accepting the Oracle Award at a party hosted by Hugo Boss GQ.

Popular iconic American pop-singer KATY PERRY was exposed in a 16 page research document compiled by Toronto Truth Seekers (see pdf link below) files section:

VIEW Katy Perry Exposed (16 page pdf)


NOTE: Katy Perry’s upcoming album is titled ‘PRISM’ coincidentally also the name of a secret NSA virtual spying program leaked by Edward Snowden earlier this year.

“The anti-Christ spirit of course has been released into the Earth and it comes in many shapes and many forms.” Keith Hudson on Alex Jones Infowars (9-13-13)


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