TARP: The greatest cover-up of all time…

Posted 3/11/10 

TARP is the Troubled Assets Relief Program, the ‘troubled assets’ are sometimes referred to as ‘toxic assets’ or ‘toxic debt’ and the Oracle of Omaha has stated that “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction”  Warren Buffett

OTC CDS Venture Capital Triple-A REPO Market products

Clip of part of the $700 billion US stick-up looting the treasury liquidity crisis global economic meltdown takedown of Lehman operation wipe-out in a fictional BBC movie:

The definition of TARP is a COVER-UP:

–nounInformal. tarpaulin. Origin: 1905–10, Americanism; by shortening

tarpaulin noun
/tɑːˈpɔː.lɪn//tɑːrˈpɑː-/ [C or U] (US usually tarp )
(a large piece of) heavy waterproof cloth used as a covering

tar·pau·lin (tär-pô’lĭn, tär’pə-)
n. Material, such as waterproofed canvas, used to cover and protect things from moisture.
A sheet of this material.

Word Origin & History – tarpaulin: 1605, from tar (n.1) + palling, from pall “heavy cloth covering” (see pall (n.)); probably so called because the canvas is sometimes coated in tar to make it waterproof.

The second part in the series of writings by political prisoner Martin Armstrong, describes the Conspiracy and outlines the Case Against Goldman Sachs in Behind the Curtain the Full Monty Pt. II 69 pages more on about Martin Armstrong’s Princeton Economics & Armstrong EconomicsMartinArmstrong.ORG

VOTE Hank Paulson for President of the New World Order!


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