Pre-Planned Conflict in Syria?

Senator Kerry met with the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad at least six times, and on one occasion enjoyed a night out at a restaurant in the heart of Damascus's Old Town

Senator Kerry met with the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad at least six times, and on one occasion enjoyed a night out at a restaurant in the heart of Damascus’s Old Town

A picture has surfaced that shows John Kerry (current Secretary of State) enjoying a meal out with his wife and the Assad family in Syria. The same country that Kerry has been threatening with military retaliation for attacking Syrian peoples with chemical weapons.

But what about a March 2011 speech at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Senator John Kerry (Secret Order of Skull and Bones) was asked about Syria during the Q and A and praised President Assad’s role in Syria “So my judgment is that Syria will move; Syria will change, as it embraces a legitimate relationship with the United States and the West and economic opportunity that comes with it and the participation that comes with it.”

Two years later and his tone has changed dramatically. But not as dramatically as his tone from 42 years ago, when Kerry passionately spoke out as a veteran against the War in Vietnam.

1971 john Kerry 2013

No question people can change over time. It’s possible youthful anti-war idealism can change to senior threatening war monger. Actually Kerry has toned it down a little bit lately, even offering Assad of Syria a way to avoid being attacked by America, just provide them with weapons of mass destruction within a week (article)

While a real internal war is raging in Syria between rebel/al-Qaeda/invader forces against military defence loyal to the Assad-regime. In the West we have media propagating different viewpoints on the conflict, Bashar al-Assad has recently done an interview with Charlie Rose of PBS while Barack Obama has done the media rounds with multiple interviews and a prime time address to the nation to take place during the evening of Tuesday September 10th 2013. A United Nations report on about the August 21st chemical weapons incident. With various reactions from governments around the World, and even hints of a return to the Cold War Era with Russia standing off against the U.S.A. It’s getting harder to determine if a red line even exists amidst this theatre of tension.

But with John Kerry having been previously exposed as a member of the Elite Secret Society known as Skull and Bones (322) and of having possibly staged the 2004 election with George W. Bush. In fact during that 2004 election Kerry was under controversy by a group of fellow Vietnam veterans known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) that questioned Kerry’s service record. Although commonly brushed off as ‘swift-boating‘ with a past and present like this who knows what’s up. As another video clip exposed by shows Sen. John Kerry (D) originating the Occupy rhetoric citing a 1% tax-cut during a Presidential debate of the 2004 election:


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