What’s going on? (October 2009)

Posted 10/9/09 (On TTS community meet-up board)
TODAY’S HEADLINES: OCT 9th (2009)’NASA-LCROSS: Big moon boom! US bombs lunar surface’vs.’President Barack Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize’= Damage control or Double-think or Coincidence?

(YESTERDAY’S NEWS: OCT. 8th (2009) – NEW YORK (Reuters) – Gold climbed to a record on Thursday as the dollar struggled…)

H1N1 REPORTS: from PressForTruth.ca and InfoWars.com:

‘The Shot Is The Pandemic: Swine Flu Vaccines and The CBC’

ALSO, CBC UPDATE IN THE NEWS YESTERDAY: ‘Ioanna Roumeliotis reports: Canada may move up H1N1 vaccine rollout (Runs: 2:54)

CBC: “The goal is to get the H1N1 vaccine out of the warehouse and into peoples arms weeks earlier than planned.”


Thu Oct 8, 2009 – TOKYO (Reuters) – A genetic mutation of H1N1 swine flu that is resistant to the antiviral drug Tamiflu has been detected… The mutation was detected by health officials in Sapporo, http://in.reuters.com…

RT contributor and investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that scientists researching the Spanish flu epidemic from 1918…

What’s going on?


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