MICROCHIP AGENDA: closer than ever


Toronto Animal Services is out on the streets with a new mobile unit the ‘CHIP TRUCK’ to tag and track household pets via microchip implant:

On the debut event of the CHIP TRUCK according to the toronto.ca official source “Over the four hour period, about 100 pets were permanently identified with a microchip.” TTS videographer interviewed a Toronto Animal Services Officer:

So the agenda is to chip and license every dog and cat in the City of Toronto. As reported by CANADA LIVE NEWS NETWORK – ‘First they chip Fido……….Then they chip your Kid!’

Next step: Canadian students tracked with smart cards (link)

So the question arises; is micropchipping children on the global agenda? Which leads to the Masonichip conspiracy theory suggested at 2:56 in this Press for Truth segment:

NOTE: This theory has been denied by a local freemason & truthseeker in an original TTS video from 2010 (link)

Recently a video was posted on youtube showing a young kid going through the masoniCHIP process, providing his vital data biometric details:


AUGUST 2012 Forbes online reported at the Toorcamp hackers conference on the Washington Coast people got implanted with a unique RFID chip in their hand, under the theory that “the chip is hit with a radio frequency signal, it emits a unique identifier number that functions like a long, unguessable password.” (link) including a video of the ‘do it yourself’ procedure

Overall agenda is described by filmmaker Aaron Russo who describes a meeting with Nic Rockefeller who told him the end goal is to chip everyone for Global Economic Control:


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