Conspiracy Research: the Occupy Movement Exposed Deception Revealed

This massive series of 8 updates exposing the Occupy conspiracy of 2011 was originally posted on TTS meet-up message board, starting with this post Posted 10/17/11 2:26 AM:

TOP 10 OCCUPY WALL STREET CONSPIRACY THEORIES (TruTV LINK)The Best Occupy Wall Street Conspiracy Theory Videos (Slacktory LINK)

OCCUPY TORONTO Protest Reality:

An Occupy Toronto Parade Marshall Tried To Silence a Man who was saying “Karl Marx Was Wrong”
WHY WOULD THIS HAPPEN? Well check out this clip of top Occupy America spokesperson Michael Moore asked by We Are Change Luke Rudkowski if he agrees with ending the private Federal Reserve banking system, he replied “End capitalism.”

WHAT IS REAL: Is this a struggle between CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM?

For some interesting articles check out Occupy Wall Street: Who Wants to Hijack the Movement?on article Webster Tarpley (October 8, 2011) & Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op Designed to Destroy Efforts to End the Fed by Kurt Nimmo (October 2, 2011) & Occupy Wall Street and “The American Autumn”: Is It a “Colored Revolution”? by Michel Chossudovsky (October 13, 2011) & Occupy Wall Street: Populist Financiers Supporting Protesters Is Part of the Problem, Not the Solution by Finian Cunningham (October 17, 2011) on

This truth video is a good intro by We Are Change NJ titled ‘The #OccupyWallStreet Deception’


Within the past few weeks the Occupy Wall Streets movement has spread Worldwide everywhere the People, the media, & the police have taken to the streets, parks, squares, etc. On Saturday October 15th 2011 the cities in Canada joined and within moments of the Occupy Toronto protest occupying St. James Park a political leader appears to be behind the peaceful protest movement, Liberal Leader Bob Rae:

99% or 1%

The Toronto media was providing full live coverage throughout the day including vans equipped with CCTV cameras:

This GLOBAL REVOLUTION has media support and political celebrities are now appearing at the occupation sites. The most prominent coverage on CNN has been given to Canadian-born filmmaker Michael Moore, who’s techniques of deception were revealed in the feature documentary MANUFACTURING DISSENT viewable on youtube

The Most important Canadian link could be considered AdBusters magazine based in Vancouver, Canada, and owners of #occupywallstreet the Brains Behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is revealed to be the publisher and editor of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn  in an interview with (10/14/2011) Lasn is asked “Should Occupy Wall Street guys and Tea Party guys join forces?” and he responds in part “Forget divide and conquer… Their target is the government. Our target is the people who run the government: corporations and Wall Street.”And this brings up a conflict: Occupy Wall Street versus the TEA Party? Because a main call of the Occupy movement is a new tax (refered to as ROBIN HOOD TAX) and the ‘Tea’ in the Tea Party movement is said to mean TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY so there’s a conflict of ideologies that could lead to Obama leading the Occupy Wall Street movement by this time next fall. It might be good to have a debate between Kalle Lasn of Adbusters and Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch. In the video ‘Occupy Wall Street Takes A Left Turn’ Celente says “the fellow that started the movement… he’s a straight ahead cat. Known him for a lot of years… there’s no hidden agenda.” and he goes on to say “The Occupy Wall Street is now being highjacked by the Democratic Party.”

THE MOST IMPORTANT Media celebrity to research in regards to this whole movement might be The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who’s brother is President of the New York Stock Exchange (Link: New World Order Report)


Are MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES being utilized at the general assembly meetings? the Natural News Health Ranger Mike Adams exposes mass hypnosis observed at OWS Atlanta ( Article LINK) (October 10, 2011) this conspiracy theory revolves around something known as the PEOPLES MICROPHONE involes one person speaking line by line and the crowd repeat chanting each line. Look out for shocking statements, such as this famous Occupy Wall Street speech Žižek at Occupy Wall Street “you can become immortal by biogenetics, you can have sex with animals or whatever,”


ALERT! Research reveals ‘the Gun Powder Plot’ as a FALSE FLAG:

READ transcript of Webster Tarpley interviewed on Cloak and Dagger on the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ Day, Saturday, Nov. 5th 2005 LINK

Are these masks of Guy Fawkes?

HERE’S ANOTHER UPDATE posted Posted 10/20/11 9:55 PM

UPDATE: Things are getting questionable and the question is what’s up with the Occupations?

A new post from reveals a Wall Street insider plans to leave NYC for now because of reports that elements within the Obama administration are planning to escalate a class-war stunt in preparations for the 2012 election, in other words OBAMA IS BEHIND THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT. October 20th, 2011 Article link: Bugging Out of NYC: “Something Terrible is Coming… So For Now, I’m Getting Out.”

President Obama compared the Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party movement, saying the two groups are ‘not that different’

Obama told ABC: ‘I understand the frustrations being expressed in those protests… The most important thing we can do right now is those of us in leadership letting people know that we understand their struggles and we are on their side, and that we want to set up a system in which hard work, responsibility, doing what you’re supposed to do, is rewarded,’ he said. (Read more)

NEWS FLASH! Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev says he believes that protests now going on in many places signal the emergence of a “new world order” movement. (more info)

Grasshopper media reports on information and legal forms being collected at the Ottawa encampment, in the video “Occupy Ottawa” Buyer Beware

What is there is too worry about? How about the Oct 19, 2011 report by Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes ‘State Department Agitator Advising ‘Occupy’ Movement’ exposing Ahmed Maher, who helped lead Egypt’s “Arab Spring” that resulted in military dictatorship (REPORT)


For more info on the intelligence operations and revolutions consulting business behind the Arab Spring, check out the movie The Revolution Business, a 27 documentary by Journeyman Pictures VIDEO

October 10, 2011 ARTICLE from Occupy Wall Street is COINTELPRO (Phony Opposition) (Read here)

More REPORTS SOON… This is bigger than 100%

Posted 10/25/11 6:05 PM 

Truth research has revealed some even more news:

STAGED EVENT: Canadian sculpture climber arrested at Occupy Wall Street reported as Special Forces provocateur: article link on CENSORED NEWS Sunday, October 23, 2011

AUDIO SHOWS discussing Occupy movement:
Christopher Porter & Lawrence McCurry on Corbett Report (October 12th 2011) LINK
The Truther Girls 10/20/2011 1st hour with Angela Black & 10/18/2011 2nd Hour with Arron
Video: Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley and Professor Michel Chossudovsky on PressTV LINK

MAJOR PLAYER REVEALED: United Nations Parliamentary Assembly website reveals a new GLOBAL MANIFESTO “inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Arab revolutions and protests for “real democracy” in Spain.” & behind the website

New word on What’s going on in the park? Occupy Toronto (day 7) article link Includes the question who’s driving the movement? “The peoples Microphone” as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the writer Lawrence McCurry is also featured near the end of this Toronto Truth Seekers video:

Homeless man threatens to evict Occupy Wall Street #OWS Adam-vs-Theman showcases a homeless man that is fed up with the terrible mess being made in the park by rich protesters who don’t mind the coming eviction. (PAST NEWS HEADLINE: City May Evict Occupy Wall Street for ‘Cleaning’‎)

THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN MELBOURNE Example: Police Brutality #2 @ Occupy Melbourne, Australia 

WHAT IF THE RUMORS ABOUT President Barack Obama being behind and in support of the Occupy movements are true? well then consider the latest report from 2010thecountdown reports OCCUPY The Acorn dont fall far from the stem Pt 1 & Pt 2 discussing research on the connections with radical Bill Ayers and the origins of occupy…

Further research: Friday, June 17, 2011 ‘Canada denied entry to unrepentant American terrorist Bill Ayers’ (article)

The Ayers Brothers Connection: Coaching #OccupyChicago, Calling for School ‘Occupations’
NEWS FLASH Reports from Chicago reveal Bill Ayers is actively supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement, in his home town of Chicago – while his education activist brother Rick Ayers wants to see the movement extended to the nation’s schools.

WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE PARK IN TORONTO? Within moments of entering the Park with John Conner of Canada Live truth show we were approached separately by Elijah and Lawrence McCurry and what happened was recorded in this raw unlisted uncensored footage (WARNING: Explicit Language) OCCUPY TORONTO Man down at Toronto Occupation RAW FOOTAGE & Elijah speaks… the Occupy Toronto Movement

Thom Hartmann: Caller from #OWS Oakland, “Babies were tear gassed” LINK

BarbarianRebellion: Arab Spring to American Fall – Human Microphone or Neuro Linguistic Programing? VIDEO

word out

TRUTHSeekerTimesFourth update Posted 10/29/11 2:19 AM

ROBIN HOOD ALERT: New Article October 26th 2011 Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight into the globalist trap LINKQuote: In many ways, the Robin Hood Tax is an identical transaction-tax scam to the one proposed by globalists at the 2009 UN COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where a number of new taxes on financial transactions and new carbon taxes would be put into a giant “slush fund” to be handled by none other than the World Bank. ( article


Michael Moore

Mike Myers

Roseanne Barr

Kanye West

Susan Sarandon

Tim Robbins

Jesse Ventura

Lupe Fiasco & Immortal Technique

Tom Morello

Mark Ruffalo

Deepak Chopra

Cornel West

Julian Assange

Naomi Wolf

Russell Simmons, Russell Brand & Katy Perry

Don King

Talib Kweli

David Suzuki

Brigette DePape

Rachel McAdams

Danny Glover

Alec Baldwin

Tony Danza

Al Sharpton

Van Jones

Alex Jones

Bill Maher

Noam Chomsky

Jesse Jackson

David Crosby

Naomi Klein

Bun B

Boots Riley & MC Hammer

Why is it important to study celebrity endorsements for the occupations? because if the UN Agenda of World democracy is fulfilled then it’s important to recognize the prominence of Hollywood stars in popularity voting.

New World Order is 1984, TV stars can still be President!


Jon Stewart

NOTE: Jon Stewart’s brother Larry Leibowitz – Chief Operating Officer of the New York Stock Exchange:


5th update from Posted 11/27/11 1:42 PM


Occupy What? DRUGS, SEX, & VIOLENCE rampant within Occupations the truth about the darkside-underground nightmare media reports
SEX ASSAULT REPORT from OCCUPY WALL STREET (Link)ARTICLE QUOTE: In a video posted on YouTube yesterday, a woman identified as an Occupy Wall St. protester in New York claimed that a deaf man was “raped” and that the incident might not have been reported to police. She also noted the rampant drug use making things unsafe.
OCCUPY OTTAWA after a male reported being sexually assaulted twice, some of the community become occupied with blocking and censoring a camera from recording the ‘family circle’ discussion about sexual assault

Drugs at Confederation Park, Ottawa occupation

Occupy Toronto
Community Dealing with Issues — Day 5 of Occupation man accused of SNIFFING FEET, GROPING, AND THREATENING


KATU Reporter Finds Needle/Protestors Voice Anger/Fear About Heavy Drug Problem

Portland Police Arrest a Registered Sex Offender living at Occupy Portland in a tent with his “camp mom.”

Dallas police arrested a convicted sex offender for having sex with a 14-year-old runaway in the Occupy Dallas camp

Occupy Denver demonstrator was arrested late Saturday for “sexual misconduct” after allegedly groping a male television photographer.

Occupy Wall Street Kitchen Worker Arrested For Sexual Abuse In Zuccotti Park Tents [Gothamist UPDATE]

Occupy Cleveland protester tells police she was raped in her tent by a guy identified himself as “Leland”

Occupy Baltimore Rape Victim Begs For Protest To Be Shut Down

A fugitive arrested at Occupy Wall Street park “grabbing girl’s asses, their chests and crotches, and I heard he even tried to jump in someone’s sleeping bag,”

Read more:…



OCCUPY VANCOUVER (death confirmed)


Occupy Oakland Scott Olsen shot by Police without provocation

8 nights later chaos in Oakland with black bloc tactics and protesters saying ‘this is NOT OCCUPY OAKLAND’

MEDIA WATCH ALERT: Hollywood comedian Bill Maher endorses black bloc tactic at Occupy Wall Street throw rocks at Rupert Murdoch hit requested by Real Time host Bill Maher (ADVICE NOT CONDONED)

NOVEMBER 5TH is remembered as Guy Fawkes day, So why do Guy Fawkes masks animate Occupy Wall Street? LINK

6th update Posted 11/27/11 1:42 PM

NEWSFLASH Occupy movement facilitraitors have globally banned ‘conspiracy theories’ as fascist propaganda, so anyone suggesting that the CROWN claims to own all physical land in the Dominion of Canada and that the WORLD BANK is run by former Goldman Sachs bankers will likely be swiftly rejected as a 1% conspiracy theorist and shouted down with a MIC CHECK MIC CHECK MIC CHECK MIC CHECK because there is no conspiracy!

OCCUPY WHAT? Occupation evictions Worldwide are based on New World Order forces taking back the Sinister Sites that had been occupied since around October 15th globally, and Sept 17th 2011 on Wall Street in New York. While the question of who is leading, controlling, co-opting, or sabotaging the movement remains.

Lawrence McCurry presents some clues in the recent article, “Who is behind the control of the Occupy Toronto Movement?” on Lawrence was interviewed about the article on the Corbett Report with James Corbett full audio here

World Bank connections to Occupy Toronto exposed during Yonge Street march to Ford Nation City Hall

United Nations connections to Occupy All Streets movement exposed on Canada Live News Network after eviction order ruling

Vatican alliance support for Occupy Wall Street exposed by D.O.V.E. research at Toronto Truth Seekers street action march on Ford Nation

Occupy Chicago staged event involving Chicago Teachers Union arrests co-ordinated by radical street organizer Lisa Fithian exposed by EAGtv

Occupy London square St Pauls co-opted by professional activists exposed by free Dom, the big question is who are paying for the professional activists to be there ?


2010 Toronto G20 Technology used at Occupy Toronto eviction 2011, Toronto Police use LRAD sound cannon to ‘Mic Check’ the occupation during eviction notification, NEW WORLD ORDER ALERT SYSTEM IN EFFECT

Occupy Toronto ‘A rude awakening for some.’ Man shouted down for using a megaphone at a protest in a public park Mic Check video

D2NWO Hardcore Harry interviews journalist Lawrence McCurry about OCCUPY Demands linkand a few days later Lawrence and explains how the demands were rejected by the occupation facilitation link

7th update Posted 12/12/11 9:33 PM


DAY 53 a man warns that local homeless populations being “ordered to attack occupiers” the man is interrupted and shouted down with a ‘Mic Check’
Five days later… DAY 58 an angry homeless youth arrives and mosh-pit attacks a facilitator announcing committee info, breaking his glasses and taking his sandwich
WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? Facilitator meeting busted up at Occupy Toronto as Lawrence McCurry questions about about missing funds, secret deals with labor unions, connections with the CIA controlled OTPOR group and the general misleading from the principals…
ROCK THE OCCUPATION Bringing you Occupier information including a behind the scenes look at Occupy Toronto (link) Michael Goodbaum of interviewed on the Corbett Report about the influence of the organizers on Occupy Toronto MP3 LINKARTICLE The Repercussions of Occupy Toronto & Other Political Misadventures December 4, 2011 by Amy Macpherson exposes Undemocratic Leadership, Discrimination and Exclusion, The Chosen Ones, Politically Speaking, Claudia & The Regenesis Project, Money and Power Left Unchecked, Implications and Oversights (LINK)

Occupy DC peaceful, nonviolent, & transparent FIGHTING IN THE STREETS

Occupy Wall Street gets a Wall Street Office and grants CNN Money exclusive access inside the OWS nerve centre

Reports reveal the Occupy Executive office is staffed by George Soros Tides Centre activists (WND Article)

What do the Occupy movement, George Soros, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Ralph Nader, Pope Bendict, Webster Tarpley, Mario Monti, Joseph Stiglitz, all have in common? They all call for the ROBIN HOOD TAX


Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Starfleet! Borg Mic Check

Reclamation Worldwide Nov. 28th 2011 Kevin Annett makes an important announcement at Occupy Toronto City Hall G.A. ‘Children’s Bones Identified at Canada’s Oldest Indian Residential School’ (Link)

8th update Posted 12/27/11 11:57 PM

OCCUPY IS AN INSIDE JOB! WARNING: 2012 to get hardcore…
Update: Occupy the Vatican, Occupy the UN, Occupy What? Occuper Sexual Activity is an Inside Job, & more…

Top Hollywood spokesman for the Occupy movement filmmaker Michael Moore posted a blog on December 6th 2011 OCCUPY THE WINTER A proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street from Michael Moore, in which Moore suggests 5 plans of action, 1.) Occupy Our Homesinvolves the formation of “Occupy Strike Forces” to create human shields to prevent foreclosures2.) Occupy Your College. sit-ins to complete the job started by the ’60s generation, 3.) Occupy Your Job take over and occupy plus get your fellow workers to sign up and join unions (UE, SEIU, CWA, etc.) 4.) Occupy Your Bank switch to nonprofit credit union 5.) Occupy the Insurance Man ‘simple demand: The elimination of for-profit, privately-controlled health insurance companies’… Moore goes on to announce the ‘death of the word capitalism’ and ends of with the line: “Let’s Occupy the Winter! An #OWS Winter will certainly lead to a very hopefulAmerican Spring.” (link)

OCCUPY THE VATICAN the movement is well underway with Max Keiser promoting on RT, and Kevin Annett recently mentioning a violent sacking of Rome in 2012, an official Facebook page (link) this is the number one Occupation for the new year…

Another important development is the push to Occupy the United Nations, with a United Native American call to rally and resistance on January 27th 2012;

UN Parliament has released a global manifesto to guide the occupy movement endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Vandanna Shiva, intellectuals, as well as mass-protest organizers and activists, & more… So protest the UN’s globalist agenda, but beware of highjacking from the inside by the supporters of the agenda

100% United Nations

OCCUPY WHAT? Interesting videos:

Hawai’i Free Press report lists the plague ‘Occupy’ Protests with links http://www.hawaiifree…

REPORT Victim Kept Silent About Occupy Hartford Sex Assault said she didn’t want to draw negative attention to the Occupy cause. (link)

The DICTIONARY definition of ‘Occupy’ root section: DERIVATIVES
occupier |-ˌpīər|noun
ORIGIN Middle English: formed irregularly from Old French occuper, from Latin occupare ‘seize.’ A now obsolete vulgar sense ‘have sexual relations with’ seems to have led to the general avoidance of the word in the 17th and most of the 18th cent.

while sexual assaults go unreported?
Reports of a homosexual porno ‘Occupy My Throat‘ filmed in a tent at Occupy Oakland


Occupy Everything and/or Evacuate asks How Many Sexual Assaults Happened at #OccupyLA?link

#OccupyPortland: If You Witness Sexual Assault “Nobody Should Contact The Police”




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