TORONTO TRUTH SEEKERS meet-up is over?


As it stands now it appears that the TorontoTruthSeekers meet-up group will be closed within 8 days with 474 members because the Organizer has stepped down and there’s a fee attached to being organizer (so is not a free service)… Although it is sad to see it go, the last meet-up was May 11th 2013, so there’s not really a regular meet-up these days anyway.

TTS meet-up 8 days left

I having a feeling that with the site what also goes is the message board, files, and photos, so I figured I’d try to save and post some of the old research i’d posted to the TTS message board over the past few years:

For instance here’s one Posted 6/11/12 12:42 AM called:


Last weekend the truth movement combined to focus on 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting at a Marriot resort in Chantilly, Virginia, a lot has been written since, posted to youtube, and streamed live from the protest zone in front of the hotel, but one sequence might arguably be the most important from the entire event as truth hero Luke Rudowski of We Are Change got confronted about the [i]Financial Disclosure Conspiracy Theory[/i]

It’s the question that the internet conspiracy-verse has been buzzing about and Luke answers the accusations while streaming live on ustream:

The guy that filmed the first clip posted a response to the feedback he’s been getting for posting the clip and this guy had also been interviewed by Luke/WeAreChange as a 9/11 family member video link

Another interesting clip involves the GREAT DEBATE of Occupy Bilderberg event infowars host Alex Jones rejects the views of Webster Tarpley on the Ron Paul conspiracy, full debate video is 1 hr 18 mins full link

Conspiracy Theory: Is RON PAUL a FREEMASON?

Now, 1 week later Alex Jones has taken a turn and is now siding with Webster Tarpley against Ron and Rand Paul who endorsed Romney 2012 campaign for President also this week. (video link)

Strange stuff, on another note the scariest video of Occupy Bilderberg involved an intense story about ‘a veteran’ getting a forced vaccination shot to get out of jail:

May 31st-June 3rd 2012 The attendees, identified delegates, guests, and steering committee members included Henry Kissinger and Heather Reisman filmed entering/exiting, rumoured guests included Mitt Romney and Bill Gates, most of the protest chanting was directed at the police/security, and many of the protesters were also alternative media producers/hosts.


Something to look forward to… Press for Truth has announced plans for a documentary about Occupy Bilderberg coming soon, stay tuned.

UPDATE Press for Truth released  their documentary on Occupy Bilderberg titled ‘The Turning Point’ on November 5th 2013 


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