Blurred Lines AshMad collage

The top of the pop charts for 11 weeks and counting has been Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, but what is the meaning of this hit song?

The king of all media Howard Stern introduced his interview with the top pop music star of the Summer 2013 by stating his theory that the song Blurred lines is about trying to seduce a married woman. Two versions of the music video for the song have been released, a clean one they play on MTV/Much Music all the time, and another that’s available online and features topless women.

Robin Thicke says he’s been with his wife since they were young teenagers except for some time when they were in college they’ve been together. “So you guys don’t swing now or anything?” Howard Stern asks.

“We have a good time, we’ll leave it that way.” says Thicke.

“You’re open minded?” asks Stern.

“We’re open minded.” replies Thicke grinning.

“What the f*ck is going on in that house?” states Stern.

“Yeah really. Oh my goodness” chimes Stern co-host Robin Quivers.

Thicke goes on to mention something about his wife just flirting the idea or tease of bringing another woman into their bedroom is enough. He also said the lyrics in the song ‘She’s a good girl but she wants to be a bad girl’ are very much about his wife, who was good but he’s slowly turned her bad. Robin Thicke is married to Hollywood actress Paula Patton, featured in the summer time hit 2Guns: 

The inspiration for the track is said to have been Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic, Fat Albert. The inspiration topic is important as it’s lead to lawsuits and counter-suits between the estate of Marvin Gaye and the Blurred Lines song collaborators, who are claiming they did not copy the composition of Gaye’s song Got To Give It Up. (link) Did Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharellel create this song based on inspiration? Reminding me of the video of Young, Wild, and Free, by Wiz Kalifa and Snoop Dogg possible inspiration being The American Dream Dusty Rhodes commentary on Road Wild match Syxx vs. Ric Flair (VIDEO)

An article from Macleans includes the feminist backlash towards the song, with the theory that the blurred lines are a reference to the line between rape and consensual sex (link) and an article in the Slate counters from an different perspective. (link

Robin Thicke On The Howard Stern Show 07/29/13 Thicke comes off in the interview as a very  open, and personable guy, he discusses his medical marijuana license and use as well as growing up in Hollywood with a famous father (Alan Thicke), and his early career writing hit songs for other artists.

ALSO is Simon Cowell a FreeMason?

Now, music mogul Simon Cowell has admitted to having an affair with the wife of one of his close friends. This has lead Lauren Silverman to a divorce and an admission that she’s pregnant and Cowell is the father. This was reported as a long held secret that’s come to light and who knows what other secrets Cowell is hiding. All over the internet are theories about him belonging to the secret brotherhood of Free Masons. He was even pictured driving a wave-runner with a masonic logo on the front. Coincidentally, Cowell is also Howard Stern’s boss as the man behind the Got Talent franchise.

SimonCowell-masonicaffairThe industry of infidelity is a massive business. According to Business Insider the global growth of Ashley Madison (one of the more popular websites for affairs) is now over 21 million users Worldwide with a surprising 50-50 ratio of men-to-women in the under-35 age category. (link) The numbers get skewed towards male the older the age range your look at, the over-65’s referred to as the ‘viagra’ generation (Viagra is another big business). So with Ashley Madison as a mobile app / social media network, with the number one song of the summer being Blurred Lines, and top music industry moguls now embracing the truth of their adultery, this would be a good time to consider some Bible versus about infidelity.

(Plus the un-rated version)


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