DROP THE KNIFE Streetcar Execution, Suicide, Sex Crime?


What would you do if you were at the doors of a streetcar facing a row of police officers with their guns drawn and one of them says, If you take one step in this direction (…) you will die?

Well, that’s based on real events of June 26th-27th 2013 around midnight on the 505 Dundas streetcar westbound near Trinity Bellwoods park. The question was presented to an 18-year-old male amidst shouts of ‘Drop the knife’ he responds ‘You’re a pussy’ takes some steps back then steps toward the officers. Three shots ring out then a pause for a few seconds, it appears Sammy Yatim had fallen to the ground. Then six more shots are fired at the fallen victim. It has not been revealed how many bullets hit but the officers continue to yell drop the knife, one gets on the streetcar through the rear-doors and deploys a taser.

 Suicide via Execution?

According to witnesses on the streetcar he had exposed himself at the time of brandishing the knife. One interviewed by the Toronto Star said I was talking to the younger girl, and she said he showed her his penis. I was really stunned because she was just a kid. I would have to say at the most 15.” (2013/08/04/) This heightens the severity of the possible charges including exposure to a person under the age of sixteen, that itself could lead to a 30 day to 5 year sentence under Canada’s proposed Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Bill C-54.

Just how often these events happen on public transit in Toronto is unknown, as this article in Toronto Sun headlines ‘TTC Crime stats hard to land’ (2013/03/01/) But a simple search brought up an article about a man charged in 2012 that was reported to have been masturbating in front of women on Toronto transit since at least 2003 (2012/07/14/). Or this clip from New York subway where an exposed man is caught in the act (youtube) If the guy had a camera or cellphone instead of a knife this would seem like a disturbing trend in amateur porn under keywords like Flash, Groping, Chikan, In Touch, Encoxada, it all seems like a Worldwide conspiracy to normalize lewd behavior. Shockingly, and sadly, sometimes these acts of perversion lead to no serious consequences (see NY State misdemeanor (2012/09/19) (nypd-didnt-do-a-thing) (2011/07/22).


In any case all TTC vehicles display a public notice By-law No. 1 and in section 3  Conduct on the Transit System this incident had broken 3.25 b,c,f, causing disturbance and 3.33 possession of an offensive weapon, all of which would lead to section 4, Penalties and Enforcement (TTC_Bylaws). The cops were called and eventually presented the ultimate out or the most serious penalty imaginable: the option of death.

Officially the last executions in Canada were in 1962 and the death penalty was removed legally in 1976, no one is suggesting that the incident should motivate a deadly response. But it happened. Although the cellphone and surveillance  footage is inconclusive about how many of the 10-15 officers in the video fired their weapons. It seems like the entire 9 shots will be blamed on one, a constable suspected as the Executioner.

In the video that surfaced on youtube at 0:24 an officer is heard threatening death before the shooting. This officer was unknown until someone from the police force (possibly from 14 Division itself) leaked the name James Forcillo as the identity for the officer that had been suspended to the media. The mysterious leaker could be in more danger than anyone connected to this incident right now, as they’ve broken an unwritten code of silence within Toronto Police Services.

The Biggest Gang on the Street

Omertà is the code of silence made famous by the Mafia, and it seems to also apply to the TPS. This becomes apparent when considering the history of the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) a type of internal affairs division tasked with investigating Toronto Police incidents that result in death or serious injury. According to Toronto Star, “In the history of the SIU, which goes back to 1990, six on-duty Toronto police officers have faced charges as serious as manslaughter. All of those charges were eventually thrown out, although there is a current case that still may go to trial.” (2013/08/01) These stats are very important to consider when looking for charges or an eventual conviction of an officer on-duty, because it just doesn’t happen.

What will happen is an internal investigation during which the police constable will be suspended with pay. Stoking the rage over police acting above the law that’s been brewing since the G20 Toronto and before. In the video footage most of the other officers seem stunned as the volley of bullets is unleashed. Yet they all stand silent and make no effort to deescalate it except for one bizarre moment right after the nine shots it appears some officers hold the shooting officer back as he rushes the streetcar doors. As noted by Toronto Sun columnist, “It’s a strange scene” (2013/07/28). And with the media attention and community protesting it might’ve been getting to at least one TPS member who leaked the identity of the officer, potentially at their own detriment.

The New World Order is all over this scenario. From the perversion, to the weapons threats, to the police acting like Judge Dread, the situation is tragic for everyone and had the knife been dropped it’s unknown what the results would’ve been. But if nobody had been killed the story likely would’ve never made the news. What does that say for our society?

Choose Life

The one power that God has gifted all people is free will. If you consider the quote in the Book of Genesis about being created in God’s image to mean that we have the power to create in our own reality. When it comes down to it every decision one makes is theirs. The passengers on the streetcar that chose to run away, the driver that chose to stay on longer, the cops that stood-by while 9 shots were fired, all their own decisions. This concept gets sort of blurred when considering mental health issues. But whether it’s suicide or execution the Bible does mention that no murderers shall enter the Kingdom of God.

This is one of the reasons that the Reasoning Conspiracy blog tagline is researching coincidence theory, or that the concept of ‘coincidence’ is a ‘theory’, or intelligent design: Proverbs 16:9 – A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.


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