Migrant Stadiums: The Seige

Everywhere in the World the migrants are coming, seeking asylum, and residential space is running thin. Now the globalist agenda is taking shape, a United Nations scheme, enter the new world order of big league stadium and shopping centre living.

With hundreds of migrants arriving everyday Montréal Canada has run out of permenant accommodations and has now turned Olympic Stadium into homes for asylum seekers arriving from the U.S.

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Superwoman a Racist Geography Class

Brampton’s finest Youtube star IISuperwomanII also known as Lilly Singh is a multi-millionaire from Youtube ad revenue, the 3rd highest paid in the World, earning a reported $7.5 million in 2016. But fame and fortune hasn’t prevented Superwoman from responding to an anonymous racist on twitter with a full trending youtube lesson on geographical racism.

Coincidentally, Superwoman became famous through trolling her own family by performing radicalized stereotype impressions of her parents. This and the fact that the original racist tweet by ‘Timothy’ may have been by a fake ghost account established for the sole purpose of inciting the creation of the video ‘A Geography Class for Racist People‘, make all of this suspicious.

Of course with over 11 million subscribers, the most important thing is the content of the geography lesson. As the race war heats up and identity politics is trending, see some rebuttal videos confronting the viral lesson on racist geography:
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Scariest uniforms of Toronto Pride

It’s said that the clothes that you wear reveal a lot about who you are. This year at Pride the leading controversy surrounds barring Toronto police officers from marching while wearing uniforms during the Pride Parade, while they will still perform sideline security?

Choose your costume wisely

We know the New World Order arrives every year for Pride, so please consider this list of the scariest uniforms at Toronto Pride Toronto Pride Parade:

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Freedom of Speech Professor (update)

STILL EMPLOYED Freedom of Speech Professor

Jordan Peterson is still a professor at University of Toronto and an increasingly popular youtube channel host. Xe has made his views on Bill C-16 known to the highest levels of Canadian politics:

Jordan B Peterson meets the Canadian Senate

This is an update on the controversy over Professor Peterson’s stance on gender theories becoming hate speech laws and mandatory use of fictional pronouns, as reported on ReCon blog in 2016 when this issue was gaining traction, see ‘Freedom of Speech Professor Jordan Peterson videos’

Now, as you can see by the clips below Jordan Peterson has appeared on some of the leading online programs for interviews:
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