GIRL POWER Myths of Religion | Studies in Propaganda

April 24th 2017 | Studies in Propaganda with Sydney White presents ‘Easter Eggs in Egypt in 5000 BC, Boadicea vs. the Romans, 100,000 women healers burnt at the stake, thoughts on the first crucifixion. Noah Kramer and Zecharia Sitchin. Man-made religions are the obsessive compulsive disorders?’ and ‘Is the World still flat? God save us from religion. Organized religion: authority as truth instead of truth as authority. Spirituality vs. Ritual. Bible Myths and politics. The many hells of religion.’

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Free Speech Hero: Lindsay Shepard

A new hero has emerged in the ongoing battles re: freedom of speech, a grad student T.A. Lindsay Shepherd at the Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. They gained international exposure and major media following an intense session with her professor and administration. The inciting incident was Lindsay Shepherd playing a clip of controversial U of T Professor Jordan Peterson discussing the ongoing debates surrounding the ‘choose your own gender pronouns’ and compelled speech by force.

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Lauren Southern: Independent News Man

You know it’s 2017 when the most beautiful woman in alternative media is actually a trans-gender man. That’s Lauren Southern – Independent Newsman. Well known on social media and youtube, zhe got started on Sun News TV and The Rebel Media.

Now he’s going independent. With more freedom comes more bans and censorship. With amazing styles and brilliant flair its no wonder Lauren has become one of the mot viral sensations in the alternative media.

Enjoy this fabulous gallery of images ↴

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9/11 ALWAYS: Truth & Conspiracies

9/11 ALWAYS Truth and Conspiracies 2017

Remember September 11th 2001 – 9/11 Truth Always researching the conspiracies of the day – WTC World Trade Centre twin towers, building 7, flight data, the Pentagon, Shanksville, Hollywood pop culture propaganda, featuring George W. Bush, Donald Trump, William Rodriguez, Dov Zackhiem, Toronto Truth Seekers, Tom Clancy, full conspiracy highlights for 2017… 9-11 ALWAYS REMEMBER In memory of the victims and in support of first responders, end the wars and stop the New World Order, 2017

Migrant Stadiums: The Seige

Everywhere in the World the migrants are coming, seeking asylum, and residential space is running thin. Now the globalist agenda is taking shape, a United Nations scheme, enter the new world order of big league stadium and shopping centre living.

With hundreds of migrants arriving everyday Montréal Canada has run out of permenant accommodations and has now turned Olympic Stadium into homes for asylum seekers arriving from the U.S.

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